Project Overview

Cloud4SOA is providing an open semantic interoperable  framework  for PaaS developers and providers, capitalizing on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), lightweight  semantics and user-centric design and development principles.


The Cloud4SOA system supports Cloud-based application developers with multi-platform matchmaking, management, monitoring and migration by semantically interconnecting heterogeneous PaaS offerings across different providers that share the same technology. All this is done using an adaptable, intelligent, user-centric web interface.


These are value-added capabilities for the developer that facilitate the access and lifecycle management to the PaaS offering that best matches their computational needs, as well as empowering them with application portability in contrast to vendor lock-in.


The results push towards a more open, competitive and dynamic market segment for rising PaaS providers and their potential developers.



What do we mean by semantic interoperability?

It is the ability of applications and their data to seamlessly be managed and migrated between Cloud PaaS offerings that are using the same technological background but different data models and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This concept is a key enabler of Cloud4SOA’s capabilities.



Research Objectives and Results:

  • The Cloud4SOA Cloud Semantic Interoperability Framework, which provides a) a typology of semantic interoperability conflicts in the Cloud, and b) a set of  recommendations and good practices on how to achieve semantic interoperability and transparent data and application portability between different Cloud platforms.
  • The open,  generic  Cloud4SOA Reference Architecture, which introduces a scalable, reusable and transferable approach for facilitating the matchmaking,  management, monitoring and migration of applications to platform by semantically interconnecting different Clouds.
  • The Cloud4SOA Models for Resources and Services, which offer the necessary semantics for annotating Cloud computing resources and services.
  • The Cloud4SOA System, which implements the Cloud4SOA Reference Architecture and comprises of a set of interlinked collaborating software components and models.



Project Facts


Cloud4SOA receives funding through the FP7 Research Programme of the European Commission (Grant Agreement #257953)


Project Coordinator: Atos (ES).

Duration: September 2010 – August 2013.

Budget: 4.13 M Euros.

Maximum Community Contribution: 2.73M Euros.

Research Programme: FP7-ICT-2009-5 Objective 1.2.